My Favorite Gluten Free Products

I thought it would be good to share some of my favorite gluten free products! 

  1. Gluten Free Bisquick: I love making waffles and pancakes with this mix! When I first found out I was gluten free I was also egg and dairy free which meant I couldn’t eat the traditional style Bisquick pancakes. So I decided to experiment and I found that if you add almond milk and a splash of vanilla to the mixture you get a great tasting batter! No eggs needed! To top off my pancakes I like to use a little bit of cinnamon sugar and some sugar free syrup. Its absolutely delicious. By far one of my favorite breakfast items of all time (gluten free of course). GF Bisquick 
  2. Rice Krispies Cereal: Whether you are gluten-free or not, Rice Krispies is the perfect breakfast cereal if you are in a rush. I love topping my bowl with fresh banana slices and a little bit of sweetener. Typically I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of regular milk because it tastes better. Rice Krispies
  3. Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie & Brownie Mixes: Not only are the cookies good tasting, the brownies taste amazing too! I can proudly say that these brownies taste just as good or even better than normal brownies. The cookies and brownies are moist and delicious even though the batter/dough looks a little dry. GF Chocolate Chip Cookies, GF Brownies
  4. Udi’s Gluten Free Multi-Grain Bread: Out of all the gluten-free breads that I have tried this one tastes the best. It has the same texture and flavor as normal bread where as the white bread version is dense, dry and hard to swallow. This bread is perfect for making sandwiches, having eggs and toast or just having a quick snack! GF Bread 
  5. Shirataki Noodles: These low calorie, low carb, gluten free noodles are perfect! They are made from japanese yams and are a glassy, translucent asian noodle. I use these as a spaghetti and pasta salad substitute. Since these noodles don’t have their own flavor, it makes it super easy to flavor them however you like! Shirataki Noodles

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