Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Okay, so I have an obsession with sweet potatoes. Not American sweet potatoes though, those are way too sweet. The Japanese sweet potatoes have a much milder taste and are absolutely delicious. I have experimented a lot with sweet potatoes and every time I try something new it tastes great! Sometimes for dinner I like to bake one—just like a normal potato—and top it with a little butter and maple syrup. My brother introduced me to putting maple syrup on a sweet potato—I know its weird but try it! I also like to make baked sweet potato wedges. They are to die for, I basically eat the whole batch by my self because they are so addicting. 

Yesterday my friend Caera and I decided to make sweet potato chips last night. Caera and I wanted to make dinner for a group of our friends so we planned out this elaborate menu and made tapas with a bunch of different items. One of the tapas we created was the sweet potato chips and avocado lime dip! Also…We have a food blog together called if you guys wanna check it out! We both really love eating and making food so our blog is a way of showing people what we love to make. 

We paired these chips with an avocado lime sauce. I am not a huge fan of avocado so I didn’t really eat the dip. However I heard it was good. All you have to do is mash 1 avocado and add the juice of half a lime. Easy Peasy. 

Anyways, I think everyone needs to makes these bad boys at least once for a few reasons:

1. They are healthy

2. You BAKE them, they aren’t deep fried

3. You don’t feel guilty after eating a few handfuls

First of all, you must ask yourself this: Do you have 20 minutes of free time to bake a delicious and healthy snack? If your answer is yes, then go to the kitchen and start cooking. If you answered no, then the next time you have free time make them! 


2 medium sweet potatoes


Olive Oil


Preheat oven to 200C and line a baking tray with baking paper and drizzle olive oil on top . Then using a mandolin, thinly slice the sweet potatoes and place them on the tray—make sure not to overlap any of them. Sprinkle salt on the top of them and bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Once they are done I recommend leaving them on the tray until they have cooled. Then you can transfer to a bowl or serving dish. 


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