Eating Healthy on the Go: Hotel Room Style

This week my mom is visiting from Texas! I thought it would be nice to stay with her in the hotel while she was here so we can spend more time together.

Now most people know that some hotels don’t have the healthiest of foods. Breakfast for example; most hotels use a breakfast buffet system filled with sugary cereals, processed meats, fruit in syrup and those eggs that come from a carton. I’m not saying all hotels have this type of food, but this is what I usually see when I eat breakfast at a hotel (maybe I need to raise my standards). 

The first morning I was with my mom, we went to the buffet. I did not feel good afterwards. I filled my plate with a scrambled egg, honeydew melon chunks, a few breakfast potatoes and a tiny bit of oatmeal to see what it tasted like. The verdict: those potatoes and fruit chunks were deeeeeelicious—but not very healthy. However, the egg, it didn’t even taste like a real egg! I mean come on people, it is much easier to crack an egg in a pan instead pouring an egg out of a carton—YUK. My mom also didn’t feel good afterwards so we decided to buy some yogurt, bananas, blueberries and instant oatmeal so we could have breakfast in our room. Thank god for a mini fridge and a coffee maker.


In order to make breakfast in a hotel, you must be crafty. In order to boil water for the oatmeal, I used the coffee maker. Although the water doesn’t fully boil, it is hot enough to cook my instant oatmeal (: Our room had paper coffee mugs so we could make a morning cup of Joe (I don’t drink coffee, so only my mother). The cups were perfect for making my oatmeal in! I got a few plastic utensils from the coffee shop in the lobby of the hotel so I could actually eat my breakfast too. 


Starbucks paper cups, bananas, Quaker oats (original flavor) and a packet of honey. 


To add the final touches to my oatmeal, I cut up one a banana and added a little honey that came was attached to the yogurt we bought (how convenient!) Bananas are great to keep in your room! They don’t need to be refrigerated and they usually will last a few days. They are the perfect on the go snack, or breakfast side.



I gotta say, it isn’t that hard to make breakfast in a hotel room if you have the right equipment. Here are some ideas if you are stuck on what to have for breakfast in a hotel room.

What I had in my hotel room that was used: Paper coffee cups, coffee maker, mini fridge, tea, coffee and creamer, hot chocolate.

-Quaker Instant Oatmeal (Original Flavor) & Bananas (other toppings: peanut butter/almond butter individual packs, other fruit, nuts)

– Greek yogurt and fresh fruit (get creative! Make a parfait!)

– Banana and Justin’s almond butter/peanut butter 80-calorie packs

– Hot chocolate

– Cereal (low-sugar) with bananas and milk. (Rice Krispies & Rice Chex are great gluten-free cereals) 

– Individual granola packs (gluten-free) with individual cartons of milk or yogurt. 


My mom brought me this granola from the Houston Dietetic convention this past week. I am so excited to try it (: 


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