Breakfast Quesadilla!

Last night before I went to bed, I was craving a quesadilla (gluten free of course). So this morning I thought I should quench my craving by making myself a breakfast quesadilla. 

If I had more time this morning I might have added some vegetables or chicken to make the quesadilla more filling, but with the time I had I could only use eggs and a little cheese. 

To make my quesadilla, I first scrambled one egg in a pan over medium heat. After it was done, I microwaved a corn tortilla for 5 seconds so it would be flexible. The one thing I don’t like about corn tortillas is that they don’t work well for making wraps or quesadillas because they don’t bend. However, I’ve found that microwaving them for a few seconds makes them easier to work with. After the tortilla was warm I added a little cheese and the egg to one half and then folded it. I also cut up a kiwi too! 


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