Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup

TGIF (well, thank goodness it was Friday, yesterday). I was in need of a serious baking/cooking intervention yesterday, so as soon as I got home I ran to the kitchen and started cooking. 

I’ve never made a soup before, but my mom always said all you have to do is make a stock and then add whatever vegetables you want. Sounds simple enough right? Well she was right, IT WAS! 

I made a SnapGuide for step by step instructions. Feel free to check it out and follow me! 


To make the stock, I used the remains of the rotisserie chicken we bought from Costco. In a medium/large pot, I added 7 cups of water and the chicken carcass. I let it boil/simmer over medium heat for an hour and a half. If you want the chicken flavor to be more dominant in your stock, I recommend cooking the bones for another hour to two hours. After, I strained the chicken broth to make sure there would be no bones or unwanted parts in my chicken noodle soup. Now, this is very important. Do not throw the carcass away just yet! Make sure you remove all the chicken meat from the bones so you can have pieces of actual chicken in your soup (: 

For the vegetables, I used zucchini and carrots, onions and celery. You can add more like potatoes, tomatoes or whatever you like but I wanted to stick with the traditional chicken noodle soup veggies. Make sure you cut all the veggies so they are the same size, that way they will cook evenly. 

The onions and celery should be sautéed in a little olive oil before you add them to the soup to enhance the flavors. 

For the pasta, cook it al dente and then add it to the soup. The noodles will absorb the stock and will continue to cook as long as your soup is cooking. After all the ingredients are ready, add them to the soup. I recommend letting your soup cook for 30 minutes more so all the ingredients get fully cooked.

I was so proud of myself after I tasted my soup! I actually did a pretty good job, and it tastes just like chicken noodle soup! I’m so glad that I have a nice hot soup to warm me up on a cold winters day (:  


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