Pumpkin Butter Grilled Cheese

I know what you’re thinking, pumpkin butter…on a grilled cheese? Yuck! But that is where you are wrong my friends. This is the most ingenious creation I have ever come across. The pumpkin butter complements the sharp flavor of cheddar cheese perfectly! 


Let me rewind a little…The other day I went to Central Market with my mom. This grocery store is AMAZING! There are literally 20 different kinds of apples, hundreds of samples to snack on and tons of freshly cooked foods; its almost overwhelming! One of the samples they had was a pumpkin butter grilled cheese. It smelled so good but unfortunately I couldn’t try it due to the bread ): But, I lived vicariously through my mom who sampled the sandwich. My mom said the grilled cheese was amazing, and that I had to try it on gluten-free bread when I got home. Next thing I knew there was a jar of pumpkin butter and cheddar cheese in our cart!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the greatest thing on earth: Pumpkin Butter. 


Today for lunch I decided it was time to finally try the so-called “amazing” grilled cheese. I used Udi’s Gluten Free Multi Grain Bread instead of regular bread and it tasted great! I also used sharp cheddar cheese that we bought at Central Market. To make the grilled cheese, all you have to do is spread a layer of pumpkin butter on the inside of both sides of your bread ( you can spread butter on the outside of the bread so it gets a nice crust when it cooks) and then top one of the slices with cheddar cheese. Then lay the other piece of bread (pumpkin butter side down) on top of the slice with cheese. Cook over low-medium heat until the crust is golden brown. Flip over and let the grilled cheese cook for a few more minutes.


I can never seem to get the right temperature on the stove so the cheese never melts all the way, but it still tastes good! 


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