Gluten Free Flour Mix

I have found the perfect GF flour blend! After a ton of searching, I came across Karina’s Basic Gluten-Free Flour MixThis is the perfect flour mix! I haven’t been able to test it out a lot, but I made pizza dough with this flour and it tasted amazing! The recipe is super easy and has only a few ingredients unlike some other recipes which require a grocery list of ingredients! 

This flour mix requires potato starch, almond meal, sorghum flour and xanthan gum. However, if you are missing one of those ingredients fear not, there are supplements that can be used! 

If you are missing…

Potato Starch: use any other starch (ex. tapioca starch)

Sorghum Flour: use millet flour 

Almond Meal: use buckwheat flour 

All you have to do is combine the four ingredients into a bowl, mix together and then store in an air tight container. I would recommend making a double batch because it makes a little over 2 cups of GF flour, and most recipes require 2 or more cups of flour. 

Hope you enjoy! 

xx Hannah 


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