Day 1 of my February Foodie Challenge: Yogurt, Lunch

Horray! Its finally February which means my challenge has begun! I am so excited to start my foodie challenge, but I hope it won’t be too hard!

Today’s ingredient is yogurt and the dish is lunch. 

Originally I was going to make a turkey spring roll for lunch. They are delicious! I use a rice paper wrap and fill it with plenty of vegetables and turkey. Typically I use oven roasted turkey breast, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, lettuce and avocado. I also either use a roasted sesame dressing or a Thai peanut sauce as my dip. Either way these wraps are the bomb. I was planning on making a peanut sauce dip for my wrap using greek yogurt, but once I tasted the sauce I had made, I came up with an even better idea. 

Replica Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla: My Day 1 creation. So let me rewind a little bit. At the beginning of the process I was planning on making a Thai peanut sauce. However when I tasted it, it reminded me of the sauce used in Taco Bell’s chicken quesadilla. Can you believe that? I am shocked that a sauce using peanut butter, sweet chili sauce, yogurt, and a thai peanut sauce could create something so delicious. 

When I was younger my go-to fast food meal was a chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell with a side of sour cream.Mmmm those babies are good. After concocting my replica sauce, I decided it was necessary to whip up a chicken quesadilla that is gluten-free. Using white corn tortillas, grilled chicken from last nights dinner, and shredded Mexican cheese, and my secret sauce, I was able to create the best tasting quesadilla ever. Okay, maybe second best, Taco Bell’s is still number one ;)

The base of my sauce was Fage 2% Greek Yogurt. I love having greek yogurt for breakfast with strawberries, blueberries and puffed rice cereal. It’s absolutely delicious! I’ve never made a dip using greek yogurt, but I have seen plenty of recipes and blog posts using greek yogurt instead of sour cream as a healthier option.

Since greek yogurt is much thicker than regular yogurt, I thought making a dip won’t be too hard because I won’t have to deal with it being too runny.  I  combined it with home made peanut butter (Yes, my family makes our own peanut butter. Yes, it tastes way better than store bought peanut butter. And yes, maybe I will share the recipe with you all (: ) sweet chili sauce and Trader Joe’s Satay Peanut Sauce. 

To make the sauce (enough for two quesadillas)

• 2 tablespoons Fage 2% Greek Yogurt (or any other type of greek yogurt)

• 1 tablespoon Satay Peanut Sauce

• 1/4 teaspoon sweet chili sauce

• 1 teaspoon home made peanut butter 

Mix the ingredients together in a small dish. 

Spread the sauce on both tortillas (two for one quesadilla since corn tortillas are very small)

In a pan spray the bottom with Pam or butter so the quesadilla wont stick. Then over medium heat, place one tortilla, chicken and cheese on the bottom tortilla. 

Top with the second tortilla and wait a few minutes for this side to cook. I let mine cook for about 5 min on each side. 

Remove from heat after both sides are finished cooking. Cut in half, and serve with extra sauce or even sour cream. 


• Arugula Tacos: Heat up the corn tortilla, fill with arugula and top off with some of the secret sauce. They taste delicious according to my mom. :) 


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