Day 2: Garbanzo Bean Soup

Its day two of my challenge and today I have to make a soup using garbanzo beans. I was hoping the garbanzo beans would get paired with a dessert dish because I’ve been meaning to try chocolate chip cookies made with chickpeas instead of flour. 

I’ve only made soup once before, and I followed a recipe online, but this time I am making it all on my own. No recipe, no help, no nothing. Just me, some vegetables, and a big pot to cook my soup. 


Scavenging the kitchen, I found a sweet potato, carrot, sweet corn, zucchini, cauliflower, kale, chicken stock and of course, garbanzo beans.I’ve learned from my mom that you don’t need to measure out all of the ingredients, you just eye ball them. So with that, I will give you my “eye ball measurements” 


• 1 zucchini, cubed

• 1/2 sweet potato (you can use regular potatoes too), cubed & pealed

• 1 can of garbanzo beans

• 2 leaves of kale, chopped

• 1 pouch of chicken stock 

• 1/2 cup (about) of sweet corn kernels

• 1/3 cup of cauliflower, chopped 

• 1/2 carrot, cubed 

Now from watching my mom make soup, I learned that you have to start off cooking the potatoes and carrots because they take the longest to cook. I added 3.5 cups of water to a large pot and when it boiled, I added the chicken stock pouch. Once the chicken stock broke down, I added the sweet potatoes, cooked them for a bit (about 10 min), and then added the carrots & cauliflower. 



After the carrots softened, I added the garbanzo beans & zucchini. The corn and kale will be the last ingredients to go into the soup because they take the least amount of time to cook. I also added another cup of water to the soup because it was becoming overloaded with vegetables. woops (: 


Then I added the zucchini & garbanzo beans and let them cook for about 5 minutes. 


And finally, I added the corn & kale, and some pepper. My soup is finally complete! 


All in all, this soup took less than an hour to make! It is very simple and really fresh, light and colorful. All the ingredients I used are organic and delicious (: I didn’t use any oils or additional flavors. 


I had my soup for lunch today and topped it with a little extra pepper.  It was so delicious! 

Steps to make Garbanzo Bean Soup: 

1) Bring 3.5 cups of water to a boil. Then add chicken stock pouch. Also chop up and strain the vegetables. 

2) Once the chicken stock pouch has dissolved, add the carrots, sweet potato cubes to the pot. 

3) Let them cook until they are soft in the center, about 10-15 minutes. Then add the cauliflower, zucchini and garbanzo beans. Cook for another 10-15 minutes. 

4) Finally, add the corn and kale and stir together. Dish up and top with salt & pepper if you want to. 

Recipe Notes

• I cooked my soup over medium-low heat the whole time, with the lid on.


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