Day 8: Chocolate Chip Shortbread

You know what, sometimes you have to bend the rules if the ingredients and dish don’t go together. For example, how do I create a dinner dish with chocolate chips? You can’t. I mean, you can if you want to make some type of mole dish or a chili with chocolate (the only things I could find online). So you know what, tonight we’re making BREAKFAST FOR DINNER. 

Chocolate Chip Shortbread (or scones)

**First of all this recipe did not work at all. The shortbread was dry, and crumbly. I have no idea what went wrong…I’m kind of on a downhill slope right now with two faulty recipes in a row ): So fyi, don’t try making these 

For two days in a row now I’ve had to make a dinner dish. Its actually really hard to complete dinner challenges because our friends are in town and we’ve been going out to eat. So my dinner dishes turn into “dishes I make before we go out to dinner”. But you know what, sometimes we have to make sacrifices and bend the rules (: 

Here is what you need! This recipe makes enough for 4 servings 

• 1/4 cup GF all purpose flour

• 1/2 TBSP GF all purpose flour

• 1/2 cup cold butter, unsalted 

• semi sweet chocolate chips 

Preheat oven to 325F

Combine all ingredients together, and use knives to cut the butter into the dry ingredients. 

Shape into shortbread (you can use whatever shape you want) and bake for 25 minutes in the oven. 


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