Day 25: Roasted Chicken and Vegetable Spring Rolls

All I can say is yum. 

Spring rolls are my favorite go to lunch item. I can fill them with whatever fresh vegetables I have in the fridge and a good source of protein like chicken or turkey. When I usually make spring rolls I like to use turkey lunch meat, however we still had some left over rotisserie chicken from the amazing gluten free chicken and dumplings we made last night. 

For color I added baby carrots, green bell pepper, romaine lettuce, and cucumbers. Okay I know most of those vegetables are green..but its still more colorful than using no vegetables at all! 

If you don’t know where to find spring roll wrappers, fear not. They can be found in the asian or oriental food section of your handy dandy grocery store. I’m almost 100% positive that every grocery store carries them. If for some reason your grocery store doesn’t, then you can probably find them at the nearest asian market. 

There really isn’t a recipe for this lunch. Basically you just cut up whatever vegetables you like very thinly and then load them up into the spring roll wrapper. But first, you have to make the spring roll wrapper flexible by soaking it in water for about 5 seconds. Just place the wrapper on a plate and add water on top. That should do the trick. 

As for sauce, I recommend either a roasted sesame dressing or a thai peanut sauce or sweet chili sauce. Tonight my grandma and I used ranch dressing because we didn’t have anything else. They still tasted great! 

Ps. sorry for the bad pics of these spring rolls. They were falling apart when I was trying to make them. I think I soaked them too long…woops! 

On a side note, if you were curious as to what I had with the spring rolls, my grandma made cream of broccoli soup and it was absolutely delicious! Top it off with a little shredded cheese and bacon and man you might just have ascended into heaven. 


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