Day 28: Loaded Omelette

Woah, did my challenge go by fast! Sadly it’s the last day of February which means my challenge is over. But fear not, I will still be posting plenty of delicious treats.

My challenge today was to use farmers cheese in a breakfast. I used farmers cheese in my zucchini and farmers cheese fritter recipe if you want to check that out too. In that recipe I explain what farmers cheese actually is. But just to review, it’s like a drier version of cottage cheese.

Omelette are very yummy. Especially when they are packed with vegetables and a little bacon :P You don’t have to use all the vegetables I used and you can even add others that you like!

I used: • spinach • farmers cheese • bacon • cherry tomatoes •

You will need
2 eggs (or egg whites if you like), beaten
1 piece of cooked bacon
1 handful of spinach
1 tablespoon farmers cheese
3-5 cherry tomatoes

In a pan over medium heat add the beaten eggs. Let it cook for a while and then flip the whole thing over. Its easier to make an omelet if the eggs stay together the whole time. Add the fixings to the omelette and fold in half. Dish up and dig in.
Hope you enjoy! (Pictures will come soon!)


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