Monster PBJ: Food Truck


I’ve decided to create a new section on my blog called Gluten Free in Houston. I thought it would be nice and a good idea to create a database of the places I have been to that are gluten-free and 100% delicious.

I downloaded the app Roaming Hunger–an app to locate nearby food trucks and stumbled upon this place: Monster PBJ. I have been wanting to try this place for a while now and today it was nearby so I decided it was fate.

As you arrive at the food truck, you pick up a menu at the window and fill out what kind of sandwich you want to have.


I decided to have my favorite sandwich. No, it’s not peanut butter and nutella anymore, I’ve grown out of my elementary school lunch habit. I’ve moved on to more creative sandwiches: A grilled peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich. If you saw my blog post last week, I made one at home using Udi’s Gluten Free Multi-grain Bread and my mom’s homemade peanut butter.

I decided to order the “Classic” sandwich because I assumed the Gluten-free bread was going to be like the Udi’s bread–too small. However, after opening my sandwich I was surprised and happy to see that my sandwich was not made from Udi’s bread but homemade bread from the bakery Best Bread Around in Houston.


The Monster PBJ truck was handing out Mardi Gras beads too with every sandwich! Yay PBJ Bling! I also asked for some extra stickers so I could put them on my laptop cover!


How cute is this packaging! I love it! Image

 OOO yummy.

I had my sandwich grilled like a Panini so it would be crispy on the outside and nice and gooey on the inside. This bread was super soft, and not mealy or dense like some other gluten-free breads. The sandwich was not overloaded with peanut butter which was perfect because it didn’t ooze out onto my clothes. (:


 My mom was also with me and she ordered a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich with banana slices on the side because she didn’t really know how well the banana would mix with the PB&J.



Oh man I was in heaven. Gluten-free-peanut-butter-banana-deliciousness heaven to be exact.

Job well done Monster PBJ! I will most definitely be coming back for more sandwiches!


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