Haute Wheels Houston 2014! (Houston Food Truck Festival)

What is the best way to order lunch? Through a window, thats correct. And not just any window but a window of a food truck. I am absolutely in love with food trucks! I even have an app on my phone that locates the nearest food trucks, its called Roaming Hunger.

A few days ago I was reading the paper and saw a whole section dedicated to the food trucks of Houston. My mouth started watering after about the first truck description I read. I was so excited to find out that this weekend there was going to be a food truck festival called Haute Wheels. This festival showcases over 35 different food trucks from the Houston Area. Luckily for me, my favorite truck was there: Monster PBJ. But today I decided to try a different truck because I wanted to write reviews on what I had to eat.

My dad accompanied me to the festival and we decided to check out all the trucks before we chose what to eat. There were so many different types of cuisines it was so cool! I saw Cajun, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mexican and much more! Image

This was the first truck we passed and I thought it was really cool! They offer 7 different flavors of soda that you can self serve in metal reusable mugs! How cool is that!? Image

 I wasn’t able to get a full picture of this truck, but it offers different pita type sandwiches. You can fill them with meats & veggies! Too bad they aren’t gluten free ):


We made the rounds and I decided to come back to Nom Mi Street. And boy was that a good decision. They were offering samples of their pork with the house made sauce and it was delicious! 


The menu looked super good! I decided to go with the fish tacos on corn tortillas! They were a little spicy but still super delicious! I had to run and buy a water bottle after the first bite because I can’t handle spicy food. haha. The tacos had grilled tilapia, pickled carrots, cilantro, special sauce (orange sauce) and I think avocado..I wasn’t quite sure what the green sauce was.


My dad decided to go with the Truffle Tots from the Lady Bird food truck. The tater tots were super crispy and paired perfectly with the truffle sauce.


My dad also wanted to try some of the cajun food from Soul Cat Cuisine. I don’t think my dad was prepared for how spicy his sandwich was. He ordered the Hot Mess sausage sandwich and was already sweating after the first bite. I’m glad I didn’t try it, I don’t think I would have recovered very well.


As we headed out I decided to take a look at the Angie’s Cake truck just to see if they had anything Gluten-Free. The ladies who were working the truck were super friendly and welcoming.


Today they were offering Gluten-Free vanilla cake balls. They were AH-MAZING. I don’t think I have ever tasted something so delicious and gluten free. I was in heaven until I finished the last bite and wanted another one. One of the ladies told me they usually offer more gluten free flavors like chocolate but didn’t have any today. I am going to have to try their other flavors sometime soon!


Today was a very successful food adventure! I can’t wait to try more delicious bites from other Houston Food Trucks! I’m so full!


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