Tiny Boxwoods

Tiny Boxwoods (TBs) was one of the first restaurants I visited when I first moved to Houston. TBs is a cute little cafe tucked inside a plant nursery, that offers fresh, healthy and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I haven’t tried TBs dinner menu yet, but their breakfast and lunch options are very yummy.



I love going to TBs on a sunny spring morning and sitting outside. The atmosphere of this restaurant is the type of atmosphere that I would want if I had my own restaurant: calm, peaceful, and simple. I love how they use a chalk board wall as the menu! (I wasn’t able to capture the whole board)


It’s very cafe like! After drooling over the menu, you order food at the counter and receive a stand with a number on it so your food can be brought to you. One thing I love is how fast they can whip up a meal. Even during the rush of lunch time eaters, TBs is still able to dish out meals at a quick pace. 

I love going out to breakfast and TBs is one of my favorite places to go. Although most options contain toast or biscuits, you can substitute corn tortillas if you ask. I order the Mother’s Breakfast and substitute corn tortillas for the biscuit, so its basically like deconstructed breakfast taco plate. Most of their breakfast dishes can be gluten free, but I would double check with the granola incase they add wheat to it. 

I’ve only been to TBs twice for lunch. I prefer their breakfast because there are more gluten free options. However, there are a few things on the lunch menu that can be made gluten free. The first time I went for lunch I ordered “A Casual Lunch” which consisted of a small mixed green salad and a cup of tomato basil soup. I also had them substitute the baguette for corn tortillas. I really wish I could have their bread, it looks amazing and its cooked in house along with their other breads and pastries!

For lunch today I ordered the Beet Burger, minus the bun, jalapeños and chipotle aioli. The Beet Burger has oats in it, so if you are celiac, I would be careful about eating the burger. I was fine after eating it, so if your gluten intolerance isn’t super severe then you should really try this burger! The burger also came with a side, I chose the fruit option which was a mix of green apples, pineapple, orange slices and grapes. (Sorry for the bad photo, I thought I got a good one when I took it). I also ordered a side of basil aioli to top my burger with. It tasted delicious! If you prefer not to have a spicy chipotle aioli, you should really try the basil version! 





Check out Tiny Boxwoods website here! They also have another location on Rice Blvd that is called Tiny’s No. 5! I have to go their next, the menu is different than Tiny Boxwoods, and I have my eyes set on their Salmon Tacos! They also offer a delivery service called Tiny Box Lunch if you can’t make it to your favorite lunch spot! 


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