Sweet, Bakery

The weather in Houston was absolutely gorgeous yesterday! In fact, perfect weather for exploring Houston. I’m still new to the area so I don’t really know where the best places to go are. However, while driving my brother to one of his friends house, I came across a cute outdoor shopping area called City Centre.

The layout of City Centre was beautiful and spacious. The streets are made of brick and are tree lined. Plus, there is a small turf courtyard between a few outdoor restaurants where all ages can enjoy the gorgeous weather. They offer a wide range of restaurants and have a few shops too! Most of the restaurants I saw offered outdoor seating overlooking the courtyard or other areas of the outdoor centre. 

But lets get to the real reason why you’re reading this blog post. SWEET


Located behind Red Mango Frozen Yogurt stands a cute urban bakery called Sweet. They offer a wide range of drinks and desserts all hand written on their chalk board wall. As for gluten free sweets, they bake red velvet and chocolate cupcakes as well as a large variety of macarons.


The only other time I had a macaron was in Japan. I don’t know if all Japanese macarons are made the same, but the one that I tried was overly sweet and not moist and delicious at all. Now sweet on the other hand was unbelievably yummy.  


There were way too many macaron flavors for me to make a quick decision, so after analyzing the menu a few times, I ordered the hazelnut macaron. I was tempted to order a plain vanilla macaron, but I didn’t think it was adventurous enough. If you want to check out their flavors, click here!  My hazelnut macaroon was filled with a hazelnut French buttercream that was super rich–but not overly sweet. I LOVED IT. 



I didn’t get a chance to check out their drink menu, however my mom had an iced coffee and said it was delicious! Sweet uses Eco-friendly cups that have a pressed seal (so you cant reopen the cup). I think its super cool that they use a machine to seal the drinks, but word of advice if you want to doctor up your drink (i.e. adding sugar, milk or other additives) ask them seal it after you add what you want. ;)

All in all, I can’t wait to go back to this delicious bakery! Well done Sweet! I’ll be back for more (: 

Life is short, so check out SWEET! 




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