Relish Fine Foods, Houston


Located on San Felipe is a gourmet fine food store called Relish. Here you can find packaged foods, deli type foods and fresh salads, sandwiches, soups and drinks. Relish uses seasonal ingredients so the menu isn’t always the same. There is also a daily special, the other day it was a Salmon Salad with roasted peppers and tomatoes. The salads are quite large, but usually I can eat about half or three quarters depending on how hungry or I am.

If you are looking for gluten free eats at Relish, many of their entree salads and deli options are gluten free. Their soups are most likely gluten free, but double check incase they use flour to thicken them. Relish also serves gluten free muffins and cookies. You can find these located near the counter where you check out.


The deli counter is filled with different types of salad like kale, cauliflower, quinoa and beet along with various types of quiches, and meat dishes. If you aren’t feeling a fresh salad or something from the deli, you can order sandwiches, paninis and soups too!

The salads here are to die for. A few months ago I had the Fall Apple Salad at Relish that was so delicious I thought it was about time to come back for another. The first salad I had was a bed of romaine lettuce (you can ask for a different type of lettuce if you don’t like the original lettuce for the salad) topped with apples, candied pecans, and feta cheese.


The other day, I decided to try a new salad so I ordered the Strawberry Salad. This one was even better than the Fall Apple Salad. This salad was topped with grilled chicken, fresh sliced strawberries, slivered almonds and came with a strawberry vinaigrette on the side. The salad dressing was so rich and delicious. It paired perfectly with the chicken and sliced strawberries.



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