The Old Oyster Factory, Hilton Head Island

Wow! Hilton Head is fantastic! Tonight we decided to go to a restaurant right on the water so we could look out at the gorgeous views. :) It was also my mom’s birthday so we wanted to go someplace fun, delicious and nice. We found the perfect place when we were heading to the Zip Lining Course here on the island; its called The Old Oyster Factory!

The Old Oyster Factory

The Old Oyster Factory

I was amazed at how many restaurants offer gluten-free options, the Old Oyster Factory had a great regular and gluten-free menu! I originally ordered off the regular menu, but the waitress came back and informed me that the striped bass was floured before it was grilled, so I opted for the gluten-free blackened grouper with a potato, spinach and mushroom hash along with grilled vegetables.

I was a little disappointed with the hash. I was expecting it to be more like a hash brown type hash, but I’m not complaining, it was still very delicious! The fish was super moist and flavorful! I loved every last bit of it, but sadly there was too much and I couldn’t finish it all. I really liked the vegetables because they were grilled to perfection and weren’t over-seasoned.

The gluten-free options are great at this restaurant and I highly recommend you visiting the Old Oyster Factory if you’re ever in town!


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