Alexanders, Hilton Head Island




Can you say yum? Alexander’s in Hilton Head pretty much satisfied my seafood craving with this delicious grilled Mahi Mahi dish.

On our second to last day in Hilton Head we met up with our family friends from when we first lived in Tokyo (about 5 years ago). I hadn’t seen my friend Cole since he moved to Maryland after we moved to DC, which was about 3 years ago. It was so great to see him and his family again because we were such great friends when we were younger. 

Near the Omni Hotel in Palmetto Dunes–where we were staying– is a nice lunch/dinner restaurant called Alexander’s. They have a lovely selection of seafood dishes and land animal dishes if you aren’t a fan of fish. 

We made it just in time for the early bird special which is an amazing deal! For $15.99 you get a glass of wine, tea or lemonade along with soup or salad and one of the special early bird entree dishes. I chose the Mahi Mahi topped with a mango rum coulis, vegetables du jour and substituted the jasmine rice for their mashed potatoes. Boy was my meal good. It was so colorful and really filling! The carrots and green beans were cooked perfectly. I am a big fan of cooked carrots and these we’re cooked just enough to give the carrots a sweet taste–just the way I like them! 

Although there is no designated gluten-free menu at Alexander’s it is not hard to find a suitable meal. The wait staff are very helpful in informing you with flour-less options that still taste great! Alexander’s was delicious. I wish I lived closer, I would go there all the time for their early bird special! 


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