Jasmine Porch @ The Sanctuary Kiawah Island

I don’t know what it is but something about the words “the sanctuary” that sound magical and mysterious. Is it just me? For starters, The Sanctuary is a gorgeous beach and golf resort on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Along with a gorgeous infinity pool and super soft grass, this resort–particularly The Jasmine Porch–also has some pretty fantastic tasting food. Exhibit A: my lunch; a Catch of the Day BLT. 

Filled with heirloom tomatoes, crisp bacon, fresh lettuce and grilled Mahi Mahi is Heaven in a Sandwich–aka The Catch of the Day BLT. I ordered the sauce on the side because I don’t like mayonnaise, but I put a little on the sandwich and it didn’t taste too bad! The bacon was cooked to perfection and the tomatoes were bursting with flavor. I never thought fish would taste good on a BLT, but I was wrong– it tastes great! The sandwich also came with a choice of battered dipped fries or fresh fruit and I wanted to go with the healthier option and of course gluten free option so I chose fruit. The gluten free bread they used for this sandwich was phenomenal too! I was expecting a tiny sandwich on the Udi’s GF bread but the sandwich was prepared on normal sized gluten free bread! Yay!

The wait staff was super helpful and knowledgeable about what menu items could be prepared gluten free. I was so happy, not to mention stuffed after eating this sandwich, which didn’t taste gluten-free at all!  I would order this sandwich again in a heart beat. Why don’t they have food that’s this good and gluten free in Houston?! I guess I’m just not looking hard enough.

The Jasmine Porch overlooks the pool along with the ocean and has indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant is enclosed by tons of glass windows which allow plenty of sunlight to shine through during the lunch hours (11:30-2). It is located right next to the hotels ice cream and candy shop called Beaches and Cream too! In my opinion it’s a very pricy ice cream shop and I was super full so I decided not to get a scoop.


Today is our last day on Kiawah Island, but we are headed to Charleston so more reviews to come from downtown!



2 thoughts on “Jasmine Porch @ The Sanctuary Kiawah Island

  1. WD says:

    Hannah can u grab that GF bread recipe for your blog??? Yet to make a good loaf of bread that is GF!! And I make excellent homemade bread!! But after trying SO many recipes I still can’t find a good solution. It looked like “real” bread!! Thanks!

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