Skillets Cafe, Hilton Head

Last week in Hilton Head my family and I tried out Skillets Cafe in Coligny Plaza. They had a lot of menu options but I was there for one thing and one thing only: Pancakes.

My guilty pleasure: Pancakes. I love love love love fluffy pancakes. My favorite pancakes are the Aunt Jemima Buttermilk pancakes, but I can’t have those anymore. I’ve had a hard time finding gluten free pancake mix that I really like. Some have flax seed which gives the pancakes a bitter taste, some are gritty and some are just all around gross. I seem to have better luck when I go out for gluten-free pancakes.

At Skillets I ordered the “short stack and eggs”, Two golden gluten free pancakes along with scrambled eggs. If you aren’t looking for pancakes, they have many other options that you can have along with gluten free toast. The Veggie Skillet with gluten free toast looked fabulous too!

The pancakes were heavenly; not gritty, bitter or gross but perfect, fluffy and delicious. I tried to savor my pancakes by not eating them too quickly but that ended after about the first few bites. I was stuffed after my yummy breakfast and so happy that my pancakes tasted so good.

Besides the gluten free pancakes and toast, they also have gluten free Belgium waffles! If you want to spice up your pancakes or waffles, for an additional 50 cents you can add bananas, strawberries, chocolate chips, pecans and a whole lot more. Be sure to check out this fantastic and mouth watering breakfast place when you visit Hilton Head!




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