Queen Street Grocery

I’m going to be posting my Charleston food adventures a little out-of-order, so bear with me. On our first afternoon in Charleston after checking into our hotel–The Indigo Inn–we were starving and wanted to grab a light and quick bite to eat since we had dinner reservations not too long after.

The hotel manager suggested some great restaurants to check out and eventually decided to load us into his golf cart and take us to ” a hole in the wall” type of eatery. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or what food was going to be available but when you’re living in a spontaneous way you never know what you’re going to stumble upon. He drove us to a cute and well-known corner store called Queen Street Grocery. From what I’ve heard it used to be more of a grocery store, but they have now moved away from that and focus on creating tasty sandwiches, salads, smoothies and crepes.


I was excited to see they offered gluten-free crepes, so I ordered the Pawley’s. It’s a savory crepe filled with turkey, spinach, mushrooms and asparagus. I have never had a savory crepe before, I usually focused on the sweet, sugar filled, banana, whipped cream and custard crepes that I would always get in Japan. Sadly, after we ordered the owners realized they had run out of gluten-free batter so I ended up ordering the Queen Street Salad. (I forgot to take a picture of their salads but here’s a link to their menu)



A Queen Street Salad begins with a fresh bed of baby spinach topped with goat cheese, walnuts and tart green apples. We asked to have turkey on our salad too because we needed a little protein to keep us full. I’m not sure what the dressing was, but it was like a light and zesty vinaigrette that complemented all the other parts of the salad perfectly.


If I ever visit again I hope  they will have gluten-free crepe batter so I can try a savory crepe! I never though savory ingredients would taste good in a crepe, but I guess they do since it’s such a popular dish! I guess I’m going to have to try to make one myself!










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