Cru Cafe, Charleston SC

Let’s play a quick game of ‘Never Have I Ever’. I’ll start, never have I ever had such an amazing salad. (:


Located conveniently on the corner of Motley Lane (get it, Motley Cru) and Pickney Street is a cute house-turned-restaurant dishing up popular Lowcountry cuisine.

There were so many interesting dishes to try, but I opted for a lighter meal because we had plans for an early dinner. I chose the butter lettuce salad topped with candied pears, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese and a honey sherry dressing. I had never eaten gorgonzola cheese before, so I asked for it on the side incase I didn’t like it. I also added grilled chicken to my salad, it was tender, juicy and grilled to perfection. They have other proteins you can top your salad with, like shrimp and pesto salmon.

We met our good friends from Japan at the Cru Cafe and we all ended up ordering the same exact salad! Apparently it’s the most popular menu item and I can see why. We also ordered two sides of macaroni and cheese for the table and it looked delicious but sadly it was glutenous, so I enjoyed the mac and cheese vicariously.

I really loved the layout of Cru Cafe. Having been created in an old house, I got the feeling I was at home enjoying one of mother’s famous home cooked meals.  Each room on the first level has table or bar seating with a view of the open kitchen where the chefs are hard at work. Personally, I enjoy watching the chefs cook the meals because I can learn different techniques for preparing dishes.

If you are looking for a cute restaurant in the historic part of Charleston, look no further. The Cru Cafe is the perfect place for a quiet lunch after a long morning of exploring the streets of Charleston.


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