Sweet Radish Bakeshop

Okay, let me start off by saying how ecstatic I was when I found out Charleston’s only gluten-free bakery was a five-minute walk from my hotel. I was on cloud 9! Why isn’t there a gluten-free bakery near me!

The Sweet Radish Bakeshop (SRB) is a brand new 100% gluten-free bakery in downtown Charleston. It’s located a block behind the famous King Street in the college housing area of Charleston. At SRB all different types of gluten-free desserts including doughnuts, cakes, cupcakes, and muffins are baked daily. They also offer vegan pastries, breakfast quiches and various flavors of rice pudding. I like how the menu is always changing at SRB; they offer different sweet treats during each season to highlight the fruits that are ripe and in season.


The bakeshop is very cute and has a retro theme. My favorite part about the inside was the light mint green walls and the hanging lights.


I tried little of everything because I had no idea when I was going to have another opportunity like this. So I ordered a few of their popular items to sample and take home for later.


The cinnamon coffee cake its one of the most popular items, but I did not end up trying it because I had picked too many things to try already. I guess I’ll have to go back for round two. IMG_0019

Ah the Lime Doughnut. Let me just say two words: Mind Blown.I applaud the brilliant creator of this doughnut. I never thought something gluten-free could taste this good. The doughnut was moist, light and the zesty lime glaze took the doughnut to a whole new level of sweetness.


I love love love lemon poppy seed muffins–or really anything lemon poppy seed. The flavors of this cake balanced each other perfectly and the lemon glaze was the cherry on top. This cake wasn’t dense, but very moist and light–I was surprised because most gluten-free baked goods turn out very dense and crumbly because they are missing the gluten.



The bakers were hard at work filling a wedding order when I dropped by. I talked to the owner–who was baking and packaging a ton of chocolate chip cookies (my second favorite dessert)–who told me a lot about their bakery and how popular they were. Luckily for me, she gave me a dud cookie which was insanely gooey and scrumptious.


Gluten-free people of the world, book your flights to Charleston (if you don’t already live there) and march on down to the Sweet Radish Bakeshop. You won’t be disappointed. Just make sure you go when they are open–I made that mistake the first time I tried to go. They aren’t open on Mondays or Tuesdays and are usually closed by 4pm. If you are interested in going, check out their menu!


4 thoughts on “Sweet Radish Bakeshop

  1. WD says:

    Any recipes?? How do we
    Make GF baked goods that come out looking like THIS?! About a dozen people want the spelt toast recipe that your BLT was on as well! Plse. Ask for a recipe from ea of these great places u visit!! I know Most places will share at least one…thank u!!

    • Hannah Cooper says:

      Sadly no recipes): I am going to try to make a copy cat version soon! I talked to the restaurant about the bread recipe but I haven’t heard back yet. Please give me your contact info so I can send you info when I hear from places! That’s great that so many people want the recipe! Do they follow my blog as well?

      • WD says:

        Fantastic! I have forwarded your blog to a bunch of folks to subscribe and several mentioned about the bread etc. so of course I was the one to bug u about recipes! Lol. Most of my GFs are big foodies and have mentioned that restaurant prowls on blogs usually let a blogger add a recipe as a promotional plus for both parties…and one thing there is definitely not enough is quality Gluten Free options !! Which is why we love looking at your pics and recipes! We’re CDN so don’t get to visit these restaurants…keep up the great work! I know most people would like more recipes for GFree! Especially baking which is the hardest to make delicious….
        Thanks Hannah WD-homeMADEhome@icloud.com or wdtang@hotmail.ca

      • Hannah Cooper says:

        Wow! Thank you so much! I will definitely start asking restaurants for recipes! I really appreciate your support and love of my blog. I am going to try to bake some gluten free desserts next week, so stay tuned! Thanks again.


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