Number Sugar

It feels great to be back in Tokyo. I’ve missed the hustle and bustle of the city, walking EVERYWHERE and finding new quaint shops on each street. At every shop, and restaurant, workers take pride in each product or dish they offer. Everything is hand crafted with care and there is no slacking. That is what I love about Japan, nothing is done haphazardly.

My mom and I visited our old neighbors the other night and they told us about a great new shop located on Cat Street in Omotesando–one of the large, high-end shopping districts of Japan.



Number Sugar is caramel shop that offers different flavors of the handmade sweet treat. Each caramel flavor is given a number and is individually hand-wrapped in its designated numbered package. The caramel shop offers hard lollypops, smoothies, coffees, sweet creamy spreads and yes chewy caramels.


There are 8 different signature flavors ranging from salted caramel to ginger, orange peel and even raspberry. You have multiple options for purchasing these fine treats too! You can mix and match your own box of 12 or 24 caramels, or buy packages of 5 or 10 of each flavor. I recommend making your own box because you can choose your favorite caramel flavors.


The first one I tried was the raspberry. The caramel flavor was very mild, which I liked because it wasn’t too sweet. It tasted more like the fruity flavored Tootsie Rolls that are sometimes produced. My mother tried the salted caramel. Although there was no texture from the salt, the caramel was bursting with sweet and salty flavors. My mouth is watering just thinking about them…I might have to steal one from my mom’s room next door..!


IMG_0447 IMG_0446


One thought on “Number Sugar

  1. Marinda Tadman says:

    Thank you so much for pointing us to this shop – it was a real treat and a great help in terms of Father’s Day presents :-) Will definitely be keeping an eye on your blog, Hannah!

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