4th of July Breakfast Toast!

Happy 4th of July! A patriotic breakfast was in order this morning to honor Independence Day. Once again Carolyn–who is practically my sous chef–and I found a picture online–of a fruity American flag breakfast–and we had to try it out.

Holiday-themed foods are always so fun to make! I love scrolling through Pinterest throughout the year and seeing all of the beautifully crafted dishes. The ones people make for the Fourth of July are always my favorite because the flags are always so intricate and creative. This recipe is one of ¬†Carolyn’s and my favorites because its simple, healthy and delicious. Many of the pictures we saw online for this recipe used either cottage cheese or yogurt or jam for the base. We chose to use yogurt but I think jam would have tasted better!


For the red and blue you can use strawberries or raspberries and blueberries. If you choose to use jam as the base then I recommend using bananas for the white stripes.


1 piece of bread (I used gluten-free multi-grain)

approx. 2 strawberries

approx. 8-10 blueberries

1 tbsp yogurt or cottage cheese

1) Toast the bread. Top with yogurt and place sliced strawberries and blueberries in a flag shape.


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