Green Plate Foods Give Away & Product Review

Hey Guys! I’m doing my first give away this week! I’m really excited to start doing giveaways and product reviews because I can share my favorite gluten-free products (and probably some not so gluten-free products in the near future too). giveaway This first company is Green Plate Foods (GPF). GPF is a Houston-based, healthy snack company. They offer a variety of regular and gluten-free muffins and cookies as well as dried fruit snacks called Nubblers. They work with registered dietitians and trained chefs to come up with family friendly, high-quality, healthy snacks. GPF has decided to send me some samples of their popular mini muffins as well as their Raw, Vegan Nubblers for a GIVEAWAY! I’m going to be giving away my two favorite flavors: Chocolate Cherry & Blueberry Pistachio Nubblers!  I had my grandma and a few of my friends help me sample and review these delicious snacks! IMG_0814 MUFFINS: GPF offers three gluten-free muffin varieties; Banana Chocolate Chip, Super Brownie and Almond Butter + Strawberry Jam. The muffins come in a pack of 4-6 and are the perfect snack size. Both the banana chocolate chip and the super brownie muffins were super moist. They were also dense–like most gluten-free products.

Banana Chocolate Chip: These mini muffins aren’t as sweet as regular muffins, they even have butternut squash puree inside!After biting into the muffin I expected to taste banana, but it didn’t have an overt banana flavor. The muffins would be good for someone who prefers a less sweet muffin. IMG_0822 IMG_0823 Super Brownie: Oh baby, can these muffins satisfy a sweet tooth!! By far my favorite sample (: These mini muffins are brownies in disguise. They don’t even taste gluten-free! There is a creamy, gooey top on the muffins which was nice too (you can kinda see it in the picture) ! According to my grandma, they would suit any brownie lover (: PS. there’s even spinach in these bad boys! IMG_0824 IMG_0830.   NUBBLERS: Nubblers are one of GPF’s simplest products. Containing only 5 ingredients, and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives these are the perfect healthy snack! Not only are they gluten-free, but vegan too! According to GPF’s website, they pair perfectly with wine and cheese and are yummy snacks for all ages! All nubblers have 50 calories or less per piece and less than 7 grams of sugar (all natural of course). GPF was kind enough to send me their three different flavors: Blueberry Pistachio , Chocolate Cherry and Apricot Cranberry. IMG_0816 IMG_0817 Blueberry Pistachio: These were the first nubblers I sampled. The dominant flavor was more cranberry than blueberry and I could really taste the coconut. I didn’t notice a pistachio flavor but I could definitely see them! 

IMG_0821 Chocolate Cherry: By far my favorite nubbler; I think the chocolate seals the deal. These nubblers are much sweeter and have semi sweet chocolate inside. These nubblers also have a crunchier texture than the other two. IMG_0818 IMG_0819 Apricot Cranberry: The apricot cranberry nubblers are the only ones that contain oats and I think that is because of the moisture in apricots. Unlike the blueberry nubblers, the apricots are in fact the dominant flavor in these nubblers. Incorporating oats into these specific nubblers gives them a chunkier texture than the chocolate cherry and blueberry pistachio. Want to enter this giveaway, click the link below?! You could win my two favorite nubblers; Chocolate Cherry & Blueberry Pistachio!  Good luck! You have until the 21st to enter the giveaway but don’t wait until the last-minute!



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