Chive Scrambled Eggs with Sautéed Greens and Japanese Yams


Oh man was this meal good.

This morning was rough. Carolyn and I went from her house to my house in search for some form of breakfast food. We were both out of eggs and yogurt (practically our two favorite foods) and sat in the kitchen for about 30 minutes trying to figure out what to eat. Eventually we came to a decision and I had gluten-free pancakes made with GF Bisquick and she had some cereal (it wasn’t very satisfying in my book, but it held us over).

After we finished eating we headed to the grocery store–which is 30+ minutes away–and bought breakfast items along with a few items for the next few days. I was really excited when I saw the Co-op carried Japanese Yams, so I bought one to cook for lunch.

Last week my friends and I drove to Bar Harbor to meet one of our other friends who is conducting research at a nearby lab. We went hiking in Acadia National Park and had lunch at an amazing restaurant called 2 Cats in downtown Bar Harbor. I’ve been craving their breakfast ever since I swallowed the last bite of my banana strawberry gluten-free pancakes. Oh baby did those hit the spot.

Carolyn ordered scrambled eggs with feta cheese and chives at 2 Cats and those were delicious so we decided to replicate them for lunch today. We also used fresh curly kale and swiss chard from the local farmers market!

recipe eggs

I was stuffed after eating this but I was so satisfied. I really needed a good ol’ egg breakfast. I think next time I make this I’m going to add some feta cheese to my eggs (: Sounds delicious right!?





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