One Ingredient Banana Frozen Yogurt!


Finally! It’s about time that I try the Yonanas I’ve been wanting to make frozen yogurt with this machine since it came out but I never got around to buying it–luckily my friend bought one over winter break and brought it to Maine this summer!



If you don’t know what the Yonanas is, it’s a machine that turns ONLY bananas into yogurt. You don’t have to add any sugar, milk or other additives to make this creamy, rich and smooth treat (: If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add other frozen fruits like strawberries, blueberries and maybe even mango!

My friend Clara (ps. check out her Photography Website) and I decided to just use bananas and top our froyo with peanut butter and chocolate cookies (: I think we used around 4 bananas to make two hearty bowls of froyo. The only thing you need to make froyo are frozen bananas-preferably peeled and sliced in half. Oh, and you also need some muscle to push the bananas down. (:


Check out Clara’s photography website! She’s an amazing photographer! (: See if you can find my pic!



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