Banana Oat Flour Pancakes

You know what goes really well with the song Banana Pancakes…



In my opinion, banana pancakes are the best type of pancakes. When I eat banana pancakes I feel like I’m eating mini loaves of banana bread.

After an early game of tennis, Carolyn and I were in need of a hearty breakfast. Every time we find a new recipe online, we plan out when we’re going to make it. Our list is getting longer, and summer is ending soon so we have a lot of cooking to do! For our pancakes we followed Sally’s recipe, from Sally’s Baking Addiction,┬ábut made them gluten-free by using oat flour instead of whole wheat flour.

Banana Pancakes

We decided to top our pancakes with the leftover greek yogurt mixed with wild strawberry jam! It was delicious! I also used some fresh maple syrup on my pancakes. We get our syrup from my grandma’s friend who harvests the maple syrup from her trees! Can’t get any fresher than that!



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