My Go-To Snack

I can’t believe I leave for college in 15 days. Summer has gone by so quickly, its ridiculous! Going to college and keeping up my food blog is going to be tricky because the only “cooking” device I have in my room is a microwave. I know there are multiple things to cook in microwaves, but I like to cook with a stove and an oven (high maintenance, right?)

In order to keep blogging while I’m at college, I’ve decided to start a new section on my blog called: The College Life. In this new section I will be posting different snacks, quick-meals and other interesting things I come up with while living in my dorm. (:

Even though college isn’t in session yet, I thought I’d get a head start with one of my favorite snacks: A banana with nut butter & granola. IMG_1018

Usually I slice the banana and top each piece with a little almond butter (or peanut butter) and granola. Other times I add a little bit of honey or don’t cut it and just put almond butter on each bite and dip it into the granola. This is my favorite go-to snack because its filling and really yummy. This will probably be one of my favorite between-class snack at college too. The Justin’s Almond Butter to-go packs will be very useful come fall semester.


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