My Afternoon Snack

Yay college! I’ve been at school since Tuesday and tomorrow I have my first classes! It’s crazy to think that I am a college kid now.

Before I arrived on campus, I bought a few easy snack items from Whole Foods. The whole foods in El Segundo, California is so nice! They even have a place where you can personalize a trail mix! Unfortunately I didn’t see that station until I had already scooped the trail mixes I wanted. I got a trail mix that was mostly almonds, cashews and dried cranberries. I also bought almond butter, apples, an oat and quinoa breakfast cereal blend and green tea.

I already ran out of apples (I only bought 3) because after lunch I would come home and eat an apple. To me an apple is like a palate cleanser, and it completes my meal (:

I like to cut the apple in half, remove the core and spread a little almond butter on it. apple and almond butter

Although it isn’t much of a snack it’s really quick and delicious. You can also top the apple with a little honey and granola too! It makes the apple taste even better!

I’m going to be pretty busy with my classes this first week but hopefully I will be able to post more pictures of what I’ve been snacking on and cooking. My nutrition professor told me I am allowed to use the lab kitchen whenever I want! I’m so excited! I get to cook for all my friends and make yummy food. Cafeteria food gets old after a while.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great summer! Can’t wait to start school, 7 months is too long of a break for me. (:




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