Snack #2: Rice Cakes and Toppings

Wow, I’ve almost completed two weeks of college!! That sounds so weird, it doesn’t feel like I have been here for that long. It hasn’t been hard to get used to the change either. My roommate and I make occasional grocery store runs when we are in need of more snack food (which is pretty much apples and yogurt) so we aren’t deprived of our home favorites. 

After my first class yesterday, I decided to go to the gym because I had a three hour break between my classes. Going to the gym helps me focus, so going during the middle of the day helps me stay on track. Some days I will run around the track, but usually I will go to the gym, use the elliptical or treadmill and then do weights and ab workouts. 


My post workout snack consisted of a brown rice cake topped with almond butter and slices of apples. I didn’t think of the combination until after I had sliced my apples and started munching on those before I had the bright idea to put the apples on top of my rice cake! 




Well, I have a meeting with the International Programs counselor right now, but I will try to post more soon! 


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