Beachy Cream

The daily struggle: having every store and restaurant around you close at 10pm. In order to satisfy our frozen yogurt craving last night, my friend Bella and I drove to Santa Monica at 10pm to a cute ice cream shop called Beachy Cream.


Not only do they have 100% organic ice cream, they also offer ice cream sandwiches, hotdogs and chili! Beachy Cream also sells small pints and ice cream sandwiches at SunLife Organics at the Point Dume shopping center in Malibu.

There were so many interesting flavors I had to taste them all before I finally chose one. I ended up choosing the Strawberry Balsamic ice cream and got a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie too!



The shop has an old-school 1950 feel which makes it very unique (not to mention that they also serve chili at an ice cream shop–what).  Beachy Cream is located on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica! I highly recommend going and trying either their Strawberry Balsamic or Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl ice cream. They are the best flavors in the world!

•lick•bite•smile• (repeat)



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