Kombucha- The Favorites

Yay for Probiotics! Kombucha

I recently started drinking kombucha tea because it is full of probiotics and helps boost the immune system and keep the gut healthy. These specific teas are filled with healthy bacteria colonies that eventually go to the small intestine where our body’s good bacteria is located. Some people take medication that destroys the bacteria in the lining of the small intestine so it is good for them to either drink or eat–like yogurt– good bacteria to keep their immune system strong.

The grocery store near my school offers a variety of kombucha teas. I’ve noticed a lot of them are ginger flavored, which I don’t enjoy very much…but there are still quite a few that are fruity (: Here’s my top 3!


Búcha Live Kombucha in Raspberry Pomegranate: This organic kombucha tea is not acidic tasting, nor fermented tasting. It is offered in 6 flavors and is around 2.50 a bottle depending on where you buy from. IMG_5215

Kevita Strawberry Acai Coconut: This tea has a strong coconut flavor and has a thicker texture than the Raspberry Pomegranate tea. I usually stay away from drinks with coconut in them because I don’t like the flavor of coconut but this drink wasn’t bad at all. I really liked the strawberry flavor in it. IMG_9620

Synergy Cosmic Cranberry: Synergy is one of the most popular kombucha tea brands in my opinion. I see these bottles everywhere, my school even sells this product! I really liked the cranberry flavor, however after drinking about half of it I started to feel a little weird. However, I just slowed down my speed of drinking it and I felt fine.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! I know I did!

PS: The winner of the I Heart Keenwah Giveaway has been chosen.



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