Cuchara, Mexico City Restaurant!

Wow, my first semester of college went by extremely fast! Thankfully, I flew home last night and now can cook real meals in my own kitchen! My dad secretly upgraded me on the flight home so I was able to get a yummy and healthy meal on the plane! I had the chicken salad with cream of mushroom soup. My stomach wasn’t feeling super well, so the soup was perfect!


This morning my dad and I went exploring an antique store called “Texas Junk”. This place is rarely open, but it is super popular and full of cowboy boots and records. After walking through rows and rows of boots, my dad and I decided to meet my mom and brother for lunch at quaint Mexico City Bistro called Cuchara. They are located on Fairview street and have a great brunch/lunch menu!

The bistro had a small market place where they sold homemade salsa and toys and kitchen ware all from Mexico City.


The artwork inside was all very simplistic and clean. All of the artwork had the same style of characters drawn, but in different scenarios. I really liked how they used only a few colors to highlight various aspects of the paintings.


Most of the dishes on the menu are written in Spanish so I had to ask the server to clarify some of the options. They all sounded so good it was hard to decide!


I ended up choosing the fried egg tacos. A very simple meal, each taco had a spoonful of refried black beans and a fried egg on top. The tacos were very small and each corn tortilla was homemade.  My brother and dad ordered Carnitas, which came with a side of cilantro onions and hand pressed corn tortillas. Check out their other menu options here.


I would highly recommend this cute bistro if you’re ever craving 100% real Mexico City styled Mexican food!


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