Mixed Berry Protein Smoothie

Before heading to the airport to go back to Houston, I made a quick breakfast smoothie with my Grandma. She makes her smoothies differently than I do so this recipe comes from her!


My grandma likes to add flax-seed meal and vanilla protein powder to her smoothies. Usually I don’t add protein powder when I make smoothies because it adds a strange texture and taste, but this time I couldn’t even taste it.


Smoothies are the perfect on the go breakfasts because they don’t require much preparation or equipment. My recommendations to make the best smoothie:

1) Freeze all the fruit before you make a smoothie so you don’t have to add ice and water down the smoothie.

2) Use coconut water or almond milk instead of regular milk or water as the liquid base of the smoothie

3) Add spinach for color and nutrients

4) Add around 1 tbsp of your favorite nut butter

5) Add some form of yogurt, wether it be greek or flavored, to give the smoothie a creamy texture.

mixed berry protein smoothie

Hope you guys enjoy! Happy Almost 2015! Also, follow my blog’s Instagram account! @hannahsgfa!


One thought on “Mixed Berry Protein Smoothie

  1. R Power says:

    This is my breakfast every single day. I call it my “peanut butter and jelly” smoothie, even though I use almond butter. I swap out the greek yogurt and add in chia seeds.

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