Creamy Avocado Pasta

Avocados can do wonders.  They can be added to salads, used to bake eggs, added to overnight oats for an interesting twist and even used as a cream sauce for pasta dishes.

Lately, my Pinterest dashboard is loaded with avocado meals; Pins for different pastas, burgers, baked goods, you name it!  I am usually not pasta eater, but this healthier version sounded absolutely delicious!


creamy avo

The other night I went over to my Big’s house (sorority sister) to cook her dinner since her apartment has a kitchen and my dorm room lacks one. We both love avocados and tomatoes so I thought this dish would be perfect! She introduced me to the spinach pasta too! I had never seen or eaten it before so I was very excited to add it to our meal!avo1

The recipe is very simple. The only things you need are pasta, an avocado, a tomato and regular ingredients like salt, pepper and garlic.

Avocado Pasta

My favorite pasta dish is tortellini with alfredo sauce–the most unhealthy of the sauces. Alfredo sauce is heavy cream based, where the avocado sauce has no milk in it whatsoever. I thought the avocado “sauce” was a great creamy sauce replacement because the textures of both are very similar.


I really recommend making this recipe! I chose to use a gluten-free spinach pasta but you can use whatever shape and flavor of noodles! My favorite noodles are made from black beans, gluten-free and delicious!


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