EggSlut; The Sluttiest Breakfast You Will Ever Eat

Props to whoever decided to name their restaurant EggSlut because I don’t think there is a better name for this cute cafe in the Los Angeles Grand Central Market.

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My best friend Mary and I are both extreme foodies and food photographers (^ that picture is Mary’s). Our Pinterest boards and Instagram news feed is flooded with foodporn–delicious looking food. Last week I found an article on Spoon University about EggSlut and how amazing it is. I immediately showed Mary the Instagram account and we planned out a day to go find this slut of a breakfast.

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Like I mentioned earlier, EggSlut is located in the Grand Central Market, 10 minutes away from USC (those students are very lucky). The Grand Central Market is an indoor cafe/market area offering different cultural foods (Japanese, Chinese, Mexican…etc) produce and dry goods. They are also quite a few coffee shops and juice bars!

Mary and I and my SLA Lauren took a trip to EggSlut last Saturday morning. We had no idea how popular it was going to be! We arrived around 10am and there was already a line wrapped around the building and down the market. Trust me though, the hour/ hour and a half wait was totally worth it.


Their menu is simple, a few egg sandwiches and burgers on buttery brioche buns topped with cheese, bacon and one of their homemade sauces. It was also not expensive–perfect for college students. Mary ordered the Bacon, Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich and I ordered their Homemade Turkey Sausage, Egg and Cheese sandwich.


After we placed our order, we went across the market to Press Brother’s Juicery and ordered their Sweet Green juice. It tasted very green. The juice was made of kale, ginger, pineapple and apples. I really like juices, but this one had a little too much ginger for me.

Even though the line to order was insanely long, it only took around 10 minutes for us to get our breakfast sandwiches. By the time they arrived our stomaches were growling like crazy.


The first bite was heavenly, as well as every bite after that. I now understand the meaning behind the name. That breakfast was so messy, but SO good. I highly recommend bringing hand sanitizer or wipes with you, your hands will be slightly covered in breakfast when you’re finished.


I hope everyone’s weekends started off on a good note! If it didn’t, next weekend you need to go to EggSlut. (:



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