Nourish Snacks!

I’ve had a hard time finding healthy snacks on campus and in the grocery store that aren’t super high in sugar and are easy to transport.  A few week ago I was looking on Spoon University and they had just done a product review of individually packaged healthy and naturally gluten-free snacks!


Nourish Snacks offers sweet, salty, savory and even a sweet and salty snack mix. Each package is 200 calories or less–perfect for someone who is trying to eat healthy or even lose weight because it helps prevent overeating. The snacks are also dairy-free and vegetarian!

There are two options for purchasing, both through their website. First, if you can’ decide what you want or want all of one type of flavor, you can order a collection. The collection comes with 20 different snack packs and costs $36. A second option is à la carte where you can buy 5 packs of the same flavor for $10. I sampled the College Box! It was perfect because it had all different flavors of snacks and even a granola bar!IMG_2803Some of my friends helped sample all these products and they loved them! My favorite was Monkey Love, chocolate banana granola bites. I think the granola snacks are perfect for adding to yogurt, eating plain or as cereal with milk.

The snacks are really filling and are the perfect size to put in my backpack and take to class. My friend Mary really liked the spicy ones like Holy Habanero, habanero-spiced crunchy corn! IMG_2918I can’t wait to buy more of these snacks! My recommendations if you looking to buy the individual packs: Monkey Love, PB Jammin’, Holy Habanero, Honey Bee Good! If you want to check out their products, you can find them here.




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