Spring Break Eats: Coronado & San Diego, CA

Wow. Spring Break 2015 you were great.

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My spring break trip has sadly come to an end and now I’m back on the train to LA.

For spring break this year, my mom and grandma flew out to meet me in San Diego. They were very glad to get away from the 30˚ weather in Texas and New Mexico! I took the train down to San Diego from LA last Friday, met up with my mom and picked up my grandma on Saturday. Unfortunately the first few days were cold and rainy—we did not pack for the cold so we had to go shopping (bummer right).

My goal for this spring break trip was to write down all the restaurants we went to in my new food journal so I could share them with my wonderful followers. I’m going to share with you the restaurant, location, cuisine type and what meal I had (breakfast, lunch, dinner).


Cafe 1134: Coronado Island, American Cafe, Breakfast

This wonderful cafe located on Orange Avenue is very popular on a Saturday morning. They offer a variety of Scrambles, Omelets, Breakfast Burritos, Sandwiches and more. I ordered a bowl of oatmeal with a banana. The oatmeal came with brown sugar, slivered almonds and dried cranberries. I went over to the coffee station and sprinkled some cinnamon and added a dash of milk to add more flavor to my oatmeal. I also had the option to have my oatmeal made with milk or water which was nice! 

Tartine: Coronado Island, French/American Bakery/Cafe, Lunch


Tartine is a quaint cafe located on the bay side of coronado on the corner of First and Orange Avenue. Their pastries look delicious! I ordered a slice of their spinach, tomato and gruyere quiche with a side of fruit. I am a huge quiche fan, but this one had too much milk filler and not enough eggs. The crust was flaky and very light. 

Extraordinary Desserts: Little Italy San Diego, Cafe, Brunch


This is a must if you are a dessert fanatic and happen to be in downtown San Diego. Extraordinary Desserts has two locations, one on Union street and one on 5th. I recommend going to the one on Union street because they also have a sit down restaurant. We happened to stop in on Sunday afternoon just in time for brunch! Their lineup was amazing! They had fresh berries, yogurt, granola, a make-your-own-sandwich option, a variety of cheeses and most importantly bite sized versions of their wonderful desserts. My favorite desserts were the lemon bars and the blueberry cheesecake. The cheesecake isn’t like traditional cheesecake, it was more cake-ey.  The “cheese” part of the cake was a ribbon of ricotta cheese throughout the moist blueberry filled cake.

Lean and Green Cafe: La Jolla, Vegan/Healthy Cafe, Lunch


If you like healthy and green eats then Lean and Green Cafe is the place for you. Even if you aren’t into eating healthy, you can still find something satisfying. I ordered the 1/2 wrap and soup combo with a Turkey Rainbow Wrap w/ avocado and split pea & basil soup. The wrap was good, but I would have added a little pesto or hummus to balance out the bitterness of the spinach. On the other hand, the soup was wonderful! So flavorful and light, all it needed was a little salt and pepper. 


Tent City: Coronado Island, American Cafe, Breakfast


This was the first time I’ve eaten at Tent City. Its attached to the historical society building on Orange Avenue and has an outdoor and indoor seating area. On nice days this is the perfect place to grab breakfast or lunch out on the patio! We had breakfast here on a rainy morning before heading over to San Diego to buy some warm clothes! I ordered the Florentine omelet (tomato, bacon, mushrooms and cheese) without mushrooms and cheese. I also added avocado. It came with a side of potatoes and a choice of toast. The omelet was delicious, but the potatoes were a little mushy.

Clayton’s Coffee Shop: Coronado Island, American Diner, Breakfast

Clayton’s was and still is my favorite breakfast place in Coronado! I love love love diners and breakfast. It’s a retro styled diner with a horse shoe shaped bar and has jukeboxes on each table and between seats up at the bar. My family usually ends our vacation with a trip to Clayton’s but I went twice this time! The first time I went I had two scrambled eggs with avocado and 1 whole wheat pancake. The whole wheat pancakes aren’t too sweet and taste great with syrup or butter and jam! This morning I had a “Toad in the Hole” with a side of fruit. A “Toad in the Hole” consists of a pice of sourdough bread with a hole cut out in the center that is replaced by a fried egg. It is so good! Ps. Their milkshakes are to die for!

Leroy’s Kitchen and Lounge: Coronado Island, American, Dinner


Leroy’s is relatively new to Coronado. They serve lunch and dinner on the weekdays and are open for brunch on the weekends. I ordered the Alaskan True Cod with baby broccoli, carrots and turnips. We also ordered the shishito peppers as an appetizer. The peppers are usually a hit or miss; they’re either super spicy or mild.IMG_2978

Sheerwater (Hotel Del Coronado): Coronado Island, American, Breakfast

Sheerwater is one of the restaurants located at the Hotel Del Coronado. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and have outdoor and indoor seating with a beach view. Their weekday breakfast is buffet style with an arrangement of pastries (some vegan and gluten-free), egg dishes, fruits, pancakes, waffles and oatmeal. I definitely ate way too much.

Filippi’s: Little Italy San Diego, Italian, Dinner


Little Italy is full of traditional Italian restaurants. For the best authentic Italian pizza, Filippi’s is the place to go. Filippi’s also has a small Italian grocery store inside the restaurant too! We ordered a small tomato and lettuce salad to share as well as a thin crust Margherita pizza. The pizza was super crispy,seasoned well and very fresh. It was split into 6 slices which was perfect for a group of three! The Margherita pizza isn’t on the menu, but if you ask for it with thin crust they will happily make it for you! 

 Sun Deck Bar & Grill (Hotel Del Coronado): Coronado Island, American Bar, Lunch


After a long walk around Orange Avenue and the beach we stopped for lunch at the Sun Deck Bar and Grill at the Hotel Del. The bar faces the water and has wonderful couches and tables for eating. We weren’t super hungry so we ordered the Del White Cheddar Burger on a brioche bun and the Basil Chicken Sandwich on ciabatta and split them three ways. The sandwich was by far the best. A layer of pesto coated the bottom of the ciabatta which was topped with grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, tomatoes and an avocado slaw. The burger came with thick cut french fries and the sandwich came with fresh kettle chips.

Puesto: Sea Port Village San Diego, Mexican, Dinner


Man, Puesto treats you right. The waitstaff is amazing, super friendly and helpful when deciding what to order. Our waiter Philip brought Ceviche de Acapulco, Esquite (corn), and Tamarindo Shrimp Tacos on the house because he found out I had a food blog and wanted us to try their best dishes!  The ceviche was wonderful! It had a kick to it too. I love Esquite; it is roasted corn that is removed from the cob and topped with lime, queso crema and chile. The tacos were a little too spicy for me but were still delicious! For my entree I ordered the Mix & Match 3 Tacos special. I chose the Carnitas, Rajas Vegetable and Tuna Asada taco. The Rajas was the best! Also, their fish tacos are amazing! The tacos are made using blood orange beer battered cod—crazy good.

Cafe 222: Sea Port Village San Diego, American Cafe, Breakfast


For those who are snapchat savvy and love looking at what Food Network posts, you should have read about this place the other day. This place is famous for their Bobby Flay Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast and has been featured on the show The Best Thing I ever Ate on Food Network. I wasn’t hungry enough to get stuffed french toast, so I ordered the “Two + 2”: Two pancakes (I subbed granola pancakes for the buttermilk) and two scrambled eggs. I was stuffed after I finished my eggs and one of the pancakes! They were too big for me to finish!

The Brigantine: Coronado Island, Seafood, Dinner

Coronado is always hoppin’ on a Friday Night! Most of the restaurants have waits, or are too loud to hear the people sitting at your table. We were able to get into the Brigantine without a wait and could hear our friends! I ordered their Soup du Jour which was Chicken and Rice with one grilled fish taco, nix the cheese. The soup was super light, flavorful and full of chicken and bright veggies. The taco was delicious too! They add a special ranch sauce on top of their taco that pairs wonderful with the freshly shredded cabbage!

Wow, 13  [heavenly] restaurants in 7 days. Looks like it’s time to  get back to my regular eating habits and the Caf food…yay. It was nice while it lasted. So long Spring Break 2015.



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