It’s Break Time #BreakYouMake

My dad has always been my role model. From athletics to academics, he has always been my number one supporter and teacher.


At my soccer games, field hockey matches, and pretty much any other sports I picked up when I was younger, he was always in the crowd holding up one finger. No, not that finger, his index finger. He would hold up a #1 to symbolize our motto: One move makes a difference. Wether it was one move leading to a winning goal or a false slip causing the opponent to score, that one move could make a difference.

My dad has always had a busy schedule. The Navy was a huge part of his career that took him, and our family, to multiple countries, bases and aircraft carriers all over the world. But, even with his busy schedule, he always made time to kick back and hangout with my brother and I.

I wanted to nominate my dad for the #BreakYouMake giveaway for Chobani because he deserved a little get away from work and the city.


Last weekend we decided to take a spontaneous weekend vacation to Austin, Texas to scope out the awesome food scene and to go SUPing on the river. We decided to bring Chobani’s Flip yogurt along with us too.


Chobani’s Flip Yogurt are the perfect snack to take on a mini vacay because they are compact, filling and super fun. They come in multiple flavors like Salted Caramel Crunch and Almond Coco Loco.

The coconut yogurt doesn’t have an artificial flavor and isn’t too sweet. The saltiness of the almonds and dark chocolate helps to balance out the sweetness of the yogurt. So far, this is the best flavor combination of the Chobani Flips in my opinion.

They’ve released more flavors this summer so I will have to try the rest of them. Check out their cool flavors here.

All in all, the spontaneous vacation weekend was really fun. I’m glad we could get away for two days and not have to worry about summer school or work.



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