Common Bond

This summer I worked at an awesome bakery/cafe in Houston called Common Bond Bakery & Cafe (CB). It was, by far, one of the best summer jobs I’ve ever had.


Looking back, I was definitely a curious employee. I don’t think there was a day that I didn’t ask a question about how to make something or when the new dishes were going to appear on the menu. For instance, did you know that you can poach an egg in its shell? Yeah, me either, until I asked how to cook a 63˚ egg.  P1010841

My grandma is in town this week and I wanted to take her to CB so she could see where I spent my summer. I love love love their Yougurt Parfait. It’s made with their homemade yogurt, jam, and granola then topped with fresh blueberries. I ordered the Yogurt Parfait and a Vanilla Bean Scone.


My grandma had the Pain Perdu–basically the best french toast you will ever have in your life, because it is made with croissants (for realz).


We also tried their new Berries & Cream macaron and Soft Scramble (shout out to my homies).


If you are a fan of clean restaurants with great lighting (for photos and foodporn instagrams) then you need to go to Common Bond. The size of the croissants might leave you speechless, but they’ll make your tummy very happy.


On our way out I picked up a fresh baguette for my latest and favorite dish, Peach Melbas. Unfortunately, peach season is almost over. Therefore, I have to eat as many as I can before time runs out, this means Peach Melbas ‘erry day.

I’ve experimented with this recipe a few times and had great results each time. I like to top my melba with ricotta cheese, grilled peaches, balsamic vinegar and a bit of honey. Sometimes I add arugula for a pop of color, but I am not a huge fan of its bitter taste. Check out the recipe for my peach melba’s on Spoon University.


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