Lausanne Kitchen Healthy Breakfast Hacks

Bonjour from Switzerland!  P1010930

I’ve been in Switzerland for a little over a week now, but just got the WiFi password the other day. Our directors wanted us to meet people and not hide in our rooms and watch Netflix during orientation so, they kept the wi-fi password from us until the night before we started classes.

I’m super excited to start exploring Lausanne, Switzerland and as many European countries that I can get to in nine months. One of my goals is to make a food guide for students who will come to Lausanne in the future.


During orientation, we took a walking tour through the Lavaux Vineyards. Next weekend, the grapes will be harvested and turned into wine. Unfortunately, I’ll be in London the week of the harvest, but I’ll be back in time to taste the wine!


Aight. Time to get real. My main goal, while studying abroad this year, is to eat healthily. Since we eat out about 6 times per week, it will be slightly difficult to resist the temptation to have a freshly made pizza or a bowl of homemade pasta.  That’s why I’ve decided to cook most of my dinners and eat out only once or twice per week.

Every day, breakfast is provided in the main kitchen. We have a variety of fruits, cereals, juices, yogurts, muesli and hard boiled eggs. Now, not all of these foods are healthy. If you’re trying to eat healthy to feel good, lose weight or just to be healthy, here are some tips.


  1. Eat the natural yogurt. There is sugar added to the berry yogurt that won’t keep you full for long. If you don’t like the taste of plain yogurt, try adding sliced bananas, honey or even a bit of jam to sweeten the flavor.
  2. Try to minimize the amount of bread you eat. Your body breaks down simple carbohydrates, like white bread and sugar, quickly. You’ll get a sugar rush for a couple hours, but then your body will crash and feel hungry again.
    • If you must have a slice of bread during your meal, try to eat the multigrain/whole grain bread. Also, top it with some peanut butter for protein, and a banana for potassium.
  3. Stay away from cereal. Cereals, like white bread, are made of simple carbohydrates and will not keep you satisfied until lunch. For my cereal lovers, top your bowl with slices of banana.
  4. Water not juice. The majority of juices these days are usually only 20% real fruit juice. The rest is processed fruit flavored juice, sugar and who knows what else. Water is the way to go.
  5. Peanut butter & Banana. If you’re rushing to class, grab a banana and some peanut butter. It’s the perfect quick breakfast that will hold you over until you can eat something after class.

This weekend I will be brainstorming ideas for more kitchen hacks, what groceries to buy, where to eat in Lausanne and Oktoberfest! Stay tuned!


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