Fit’n’Tasty: Lausanne Cold Pressed Juices

Hi guys! Long time no post.


I’ve been really busy with school work and traveling–lots of traveling. I have one month left of my first semester in Lausanne and so many papers to write. Yikes!


A couple of weeks before I moved to Lausanne, I started following some Lausanne foodies on Instagram to scope out the food scene. One of the accounts I came across was FitnTasty, an organic, cold-pressed juice company based in Lausanne.

I recently messaged the company asking about their products and they offered to send me their 1 day juice detox–“The First Date”. This cleanse included 5 juices all made from organic fruits and vegetables. I requested to start the cleanse this morning and they arrived in an iced cooler before 9am.


Here’s the breakdown:

Juice 1: Fuel Me


This juice was made of ginger, lemon and water. To me, it tasted just like lemonade with a mild ginger aftertaste.

Juice 2: Deep Clean


The Deep Clean juice was made with apples, pears, spinach, cucumber and Spirulina. Usually I don’t go for juices that contain apples because they are too sweet. However, the sweetness of the apples and pears in this juice was balanced out by the spinach and cucumbers.

Juice 3: Pimp Me Up


This juice was my favorite by far. I love love love carrot and apple juice. My mom used to make carrot juice when I was younger and it always tasted so good. At Sun Life in Malibu, I get a similar juice called Malibu Sunrise that contains apples, carrots and strawberries. This juice was made with carrots, apples and kiwi.

Juice 4: Beet The Stress


I’m not a beet fan, so this juice was a little hard for me to drink. It’s made with beetroot, apples, carrots, parsley and lemons.

Juice 5: Dr. Green


Dr. Green was my second favorite juice from this cleanse. I loved the combination of apple, kale, celery and lemons. When I make smoothies with kale they usually have a bitter taste. This juice didn’t have that bitter taste, but did have a strong celery flavor.


I would highly recommend this juice detox to anyone who is feeling like they need a break from all the high bread and cheese Swiss diet. I love how all the juices are organic and fresh. They all had unique flavors and weren’t overly sweet like some juices I’ve tried in the US.

Thank you so much Fit ‘n’ Tasty! I can’t wait to try more of your products–especially the Relax and Cocoa Bliss Almond Milk!


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